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[Sep. 30th, 2006|01:18 am]


Title: 56XXX
Author: favyan with help from vyrantium
Pairing: favyan/samn
Rating: NC-17
Summary: samn is feeling ~*frisky*~.
Author's Notes: Concept borrowed from vyrantium's Conference Call.

Fav sat in his desk, bouncing his red and green tennis ball off of the far wall. He’d worked a double shift in the clinic and was due back in another hour to follow up on the patient he’d had earlier. Picking up the first file he came to, he grimaced at it in disdain. “Hallucinations and increasingly spastic vomiting… Will the day ever end?” he thought aloud, tossing the file aside. Bouncing the tennis ball one last time Fav set it down beside him before flipping the switch to turn on his computer.


“Why thank you,” he said, leaning back in his chair.

**You’ve got mail**


Clicking on the little mailbox icon Fav soon discovered the source of the message. He opened it immediately, intrigued by the thought alone.

I’m sitting in the conference right now thinking of you pressing me against the wall and fucking me within an inch of my life. This lecture is killing my otherwise rampant libido, and I was hoping you’d be able to help kick it back into gear. I’ll be online all night if you need a little company…

Fav felt his cock begin to spring to life at his friend’s words, the temptation too great to pass up. “Alright, Samn… I’ll play your game,” he thought as he double clicked the AOL messenger icon.

splendiferousity: I can do you one better
Crash8658: Can you now?
splendiferousity: Get up quietly and sit in the back of the room.
Crash8658: How do you know I’m not already in the back of the room?
splendiferousity: I know you Samn. You’re always in the front of the class. Now move before I change my mind.

Grabbing the growing bulge in his pants, Fav gently gave himself a squeeze before working on the zipper. His boxers were already damp with precum, his cock responding to the cool office air.

splendiferousity: Are you in the back of the room yet?
Crash8658: Impatient?
splendiferousity: Don’t make me angry, Samn.
Crash8658: Yes Fav... I’m in the back of the room. Would you like to tell me what this is about?
splendiferousity: Now who’s the impatient one? Accept my invitation when it pops up.
Crash8658: Why?
splendiferousity: Just do it. You won’t be sorry...

Fav repositioned his webcam, pointing it downward before clicking the button to open up video chat. He wanted Samn to be shocked when he accepted the invite and decided exposing himself was the best way to go about accomplishing his task.

**Crash8658 has accepted your video conference invite**
Crash8658: Jesus Fav! What are you doing?
splendiferousity: I’m jerking off, what does it look like? Keep watching. You might learn something.

Unbuttoning the button on his boxers, Fav freed his growing erection allowing Samn to see his arousal. His shaft was already glistening with the precum that had seeped from his sensitive tip, his balls tightening as he flexed for his lover.

Crash8658: Fav! I’m in a meeting… I can’t be doing this.
splendiferousity: Why do you always have to be such a kill-joy? You don’t have to do anything but watch.
Crash8658: …fine. But if someone comes, I’m closing the window.
splendiferousity: Relax Samn. The only one that’s going to cum here is me.

Fav wrapped his hand around his throbbing shaft, slowly beginning to stroke himself as he typed with his free hand.

splendiferousity: Talk me through it.
Crash8658: What?
splendiferousity: Talk me through it. I want to know what you’re thinking.

Sighing impatiently he waited as Samn took a moment to compose himself. His strokes were slow and even, making the wait maddening.

Crash8658: I’m thinking about the last time we were together… It’s been too long.
splendiferousity: What about last time?
Crash8658: I’m remembering the way you feel and the way you taste.

Fav smiled, knowing he had Samn right where he wanted him.

splendiferousity: Talk dirty to me, Samn. Tell me what you’d do to me if you were in my office right now.
Crash8658: I’d take your hard cock in my hands and take over for you.
splendiferousity: You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Crash8658: God, yes… I’d die to feel you right now. I’m so horny… I can’t wait for this lecture to be over.

Closing his eyes, his hand slid up over the top of his cock catching the sensitive tip with the pad of his thumb. Fav was completely vulnerable right now which made it all the more exciting… anyone could walk in and catch him in the act, and he couldn’t care less. “I worked a double… I deserve this,” he thought to himself, opening his eyes to resume his conversation.

splendiferousity: Talk to me like you’re here right now. What are you doing to me?
Crash8658: I’m kneeling in front of you… my tongue is sliding up and down your shaft. The taste of your skin is driving me wild.
splendiferousity: Good… God, you’re making me so hard. Can you see how hard I am for you, Samn?
Crash8658: I can see everything. You make me so hot… when I get out of here I’m going to come home and make you feel how much I need you.

Fav moaned softly, his hand tightening its grip as he read Samn’ words. His cock throbbed in response as he resumed his ministrations, his free hand reaching down to cup his balls. He imagined his lover’s hands working on his body, touching him in all the right spots as he continued his session.

splendiferousity: What are you doing to me now?
Crash8658: I’m taking the tip of your cock in my mouth, my tongue dipping inside your delicate little slit. You taste so good… I want to taste you, Fav.
splendiferousity: In due time, Samn… now concentrate on me.

Stroking himself with increasing urgency, Fav imagined Samn’ hot lips wrapping around his cock as they’d done just nights before, his tongue darting out to taste his sweet juices. The thought alone made him want to cum, but he wanted to hold out a bit longer.

splendiferousity: I’m so close.
Crash8658: Cum for me, Fav… I’m so hard watching you. I’m afraid I won’t make it back to the hotel.

Fav closed his eyes, his hand moving frantically as he obliged Samn’ request. With one last stroke he plummeted over the edge, his hot seed pouring out onto his palm as he called out his lover’s name.

Exhausted and out of breath, Fav wiped his hands clean with a tissue in an effort to mask what he’d just done. He closed the video conference quickly and tucked himself back into his jeans before finishing up his conversation.

splendiferousity: I’ll see you when you get home, Samn.
Crash8658: Love you too, Fav.

Fav smiled as he signed off, and not a moment too soon. Lymphoma knocked on his door, a puzzled look on her face as she walked into the room. “Dr. Samn is at a conference today,” she said simply, walking away without another word. Her body language suggested that she hadn’t caught him in the act, making him breathe a sigh of relief.

“Close, Lymphoma… a little too close,” he thought, grabbing his cane before limping off to the clinic to finish his rounds.