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ppth_jelloshots's Journal

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This is for any fanfiction that doesn't really fit in the other fanfiction communities.

Check the previous posts to see what I mean.
56k modems, 62442, 8 mile, acid, al-qaeda, amber alert, ass sax, beekeeping, being interested, bill cosby, blues clues, bringing sexy back, broken legs, cameron, cancer, carebear stares, chaos emeralds, chase, chicken and dumplings, chicken and gravy, chicken and rice, chocolate chip mini muffins, cockfights, cocks, condoleezza rice's ass, cuddy, dc comics, disco dancing, doom, earwigs, eighty years' war, eurodisney, existentialism, explode, fanfiction, fat joe, felching, ford motor company, foreman, furries, genius, ghost hunting, grandfather clocks, grave robbing, grills, hair dolls, harriet the spy, hos, house, house md, hurricane katrina, ice cream, impostor pope benedict xvi, interests, jason schwartzman, jello pudding pops, jon benet ramsey, junk in the trunk, kaleidoscopes, kevin federline, kites, laser light shows, lint, lol clinical depression, machetes, marbles, meddling, mel gibson, mod hats, motor homes, motor oil, mrs. butterworth, mud wrestling, necrophilia, nick arcade, no homers, no; steph, odd, orlando bloom, orlando magic, pantomime horse, perpetually angry nurse brenda, pimp juice, poetry slams, pop up video, quad city djs, quantum leap, rainbow drinks, reptar bars, rimming, rims, robot sex, rsl's eyebrows, scat porn, sexual molestation, sexy, smegma, sniffing markers, snorkling, spice girls, sri lanka, stargazing, steve case, stfu, strange, supply and demand, texas state police, tiny houses, toejam, trap and skeet, turkmenistan, underground railroad, vegemite, vests, voltron, weird, what?, whippits, wilson, wnba, writing, your mother, zombies